made with pride using traditional methods



made with pride using traditional methods


The Artisan Café was named to reflect the qualities of the artisan (ar-ti-san) of old. The name is of French derivation and describes the craftsman or tradesman who takes pride in their work. Contemporarily, the word has come to describe skilled craftspeople using traditional methods to produce small quantities of high quality product, such as cheese or wine.

At the Artisan we, as artisans, create our food and beverages with pride and the utmost care, using the best locally available ingredients and traditional cooking methods.  Our dishes are hand crafted on the premises, which takes time, but is well worth the effort as it results in a menu brimming with flavour which keeps our customers returning again and again.


Our food is made fresh, from scratch, right here in the Artisan kitchen.  We make the stocks, sauces, pastes, dressings, and mayonnaise which go into our meals.  We also make our own jam, preserves, dips, syrups, ice-cream, cakes, biscuits and more.  These are made in small batches with no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. What could be better? 


We like local produce the best!  It travels shorter distances so arrives fresher, is more nutritious, and far more flavoursome than goods from further afield so we source as much as we can from local suppliers.  We also support other businesses and the community to help keep the Blackwood area vibrant and viable. 


Our efforts to minimise our impact on the earth and operate ethically include, recycling and composting of waste, use of many recycled or biodegradable products including our takeaway packaging, use of free-range eggs, poultry and pork products, sustainable seafood, and organic products where practicable. 

Our Story

We do it with love 

Our Story

We do it with love 


Owner/chef Jonathan Holmes-Ross has had an interest in food and its origins from a very young age.  As a child, encouraged by his mother (an excellent cook in her own right) Jonathan loved to grow vegetables, harvest wild fruits and berries, and forage for mushrooms (his greatest passion), then turn his produce into wholesome, flavoursome meals.  Amoung the family there was never a question about Jonathan's career. He was always going to be a chef.

Accordingly, Jonathan trained in London where he worked in several establishments in his early career.  He first achieved entries in The Good Food Guide as Head Chef of The Ginnel in Didsbury, Manchester.  Following this he headed up the kitchen of the Bridge End Restaurant, in Hayfield, Cheshire and was awarded the Most Promising Young Chef in the North West of England by Town & County Magazine in 1992.  During his time as head chef, the restaurant achieved many notable awards, including entries in the Good Food Guide in 1994, 1995 & 1996 with Jonathan being featured in several prestigious magazines, including Chef and Wine & Dine.

As father of a young family, Jonathan felt the need for more regular working hours and took a position as Development Chef/Manager of Kerry Foods where he and his team developed three complete ranges of chilled ready meals for TESCO Supermarkets.  On immigrating to Australia in 1997, he joined Qantas where he was initially employed at the Qantas Club.  He moved on to become Executive Chef of Q Catering, the largest kitchen in South Australia, where he remained for several years until he left to pursue his dream of opening a restaurant business of his own.


Owner/manager & chief organiser Heather Holmes-Ross has had an interest in eating food from a very young age.  As a child she was encouraged  by her father (a CSIRO scientist) to look at the stars and follow her dreams.  She wanted to be an astronaut, a pilot, and later a landscape architect, but eventually became a research scientist in Physical Chemistry.  On the way she became enamoured by the hospitality industry, completed an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Commercial Cookery, then worked extensively in the hospitality industry in roles spanning catering attendant, cook, bar attendant, hostess and maitre de. 

As mother of a young family,  Heather embarked on studies at Flinders University which culminated in her be awarded a PhD in Chemistry (Dissociation Dynamics of NO van der Waals Complexes).  She was happily working in the field when swept off her feet by the charming Jonathan whose passion for his trade reignited her love for the hospitality industry.  Heather & Jonathan were married in 2006 and purchased Aubergine Fine Foods in May 2010.  The couple have transformed the space, style and substance of the business to create their second home, The Artisan Café .


Several years on, Jonathan and his kitchen team continue to create superbly flavoursome dishes, handcrafted from scratch.  Heather and the front of house staff provide helpful, friendly service, excellent drinks and organic coffee, and a relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy.  Their efforts have been recognised along the way. 

2011   Finalist - R&CA Best Cafe Restaurant (metro Adelaide)

2012 .  Finalist - R&CA Best Cafe Restaurant (metro Adelaide)

2013   Finalist - R&CA Best Cafe Restaurant (metro Adelaide)

2014   Finalist - R&CA Best Cafe Restaurant (metro Adelaide)

2015   Winner - R&CA Best Cafe Restaurant (metro Adelaide)

2016   Winner - R&CA Best Cafe Restaurant (metro South & West),  Winner - AGFG Best Breakfast Adelaide, Trip Adviser Award for Excellence

2017   Winner - R&CA National Cafe of the Year, Winner R&CA National Best Cafe - Dining,  Winner - R&CA  Cafe of the Year (SA) Winner R&CA l Best Cafe - Dining (metro South & West) 

* R&CA - Restaurant & Catering Association Savour Awards for Excellence, AGFG - Australian Good Food Guide Readers Choice AWards


OUR Philosophy

beautiful food starts with the best ingredients

OUR Philosophy

beautiful food starts with the best ingredients

It is important to us that our business operates in the most ethical and sustainable manner possible. Therefore, we our aim to use local and locally sourced ingredients whenever it is practical.  Not only is local produce is fresh, higher in nutrients, and more flavoursome, it is transported over small distances, so contributes less to green-house gas emissions.  

When products can not be sourced locally we choose either further afield Australian, or international alternatives, taking into account factors such as; the ethos of the company, the ecological impactof production and transportation,  andthe conditions of the production workers. Wherever practicable we choose either an ecologically sound Australian product or an international fair-trade alternative.

Although we are not an organic cafe, we prefer to use organic ingredients if they are available locally.  Organically grown produce is grown without fertilisers and pesticides and contains essential trace elements which are missing from non-organically grown food.

We are committed to the ethical rearing of animals for human consumption and use only free range eggs, chicken, and pork products.  All our seafood is certified sustainable and is either farmed or line caught, and as much as possible, is South Australian.  We do not use imported or netted seafood.  

Within our business we are continually striving to replace wasteful processes with sustainable alternatives.    We recycle all of our newspaper, cardboard, bottles, cans and much of our plastic waste. We compost our organic waste, including food scraps, coffee grounds, serviettes and dockets and our waste cooking oil is collected and turned into biofuel. Our menus are printed on recycled paper, and our takeaway cups, food containers and cutlery are biodegradable.

We also have ethical policies regarding our employees (our greatest asset) , community engagement, and the companies with whom we do business.