At the Artisan Cafe we pride ourselves on creating absolutely delicious fare.  We create our dishes in small batches from scratch, right here in the Artisan Cafe kitchen, using high quality ingredients and traditional methods. We are particularly concerned about ethics and sustainability and take many measures to minimise harm to the planet. Additionally, all our eggs, poultry and meat products are free range, our seafood is Australian and sustainably caught or farmed, and we source local ingredients where ever possible.

We are very proud to say that, in late 2017, our commitment to excellence was rewarded when we were awarded the Australian Cafe of the Year 2017 by our industry association (R&SA).  Our commitment to you is that when we cater for your event, you and your guests will receive exceptional food, and professional, friendly service at reasonable prices.  We look forward to helping you :)


Jonathan & Heather 


The quantity of food that you will require depends on several factors - the type of event, the time of day, and the age and number of guests.  We are very happy to help you decide the amount and type of food that will best suit your needs. 


You will require staff to heat (if necessary) and serve the food.  The cost of staff is additional to the food cost.  In consultation with you, we will determine the number of staff you need depending on the type and size of the event you are hosting.   


To contact us you can call us: 8278 9888, drop into the cafe for a chat, or send an email using the form below.

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