Inhomogeneous – not uniform in character or content; diverse

I began putting paint on a canvas eighteen months ago and had no experience and absolutely no idea.

Just put the paint on the canvas’ my art teacher says.

‘But how? What do I do? What are the rules?  I don’t want to get it wrong!’

Through painting I have learnt its ok to “get it wrong”, its just paint, you can paint over it and over it until you build up an effect and eventually a picture. Painting is a journey.

I don’t have to be right. I don’t have to be perfect I just have to BE and explore.

Through art I’m learning to relax and enjoy, be less controlled and perfect and so hard on myself. Over the last 18mths curiosity has taken over. I’ve used a variety of mediums on a variety of mediums with a variety of styles and explored a variety of subjects. I don’t have a style or theme to my work and I suspect I may never as I keep exploring all putting paint on a canvas has to offer.

Jo Douglas


Exhibition Opening 

Sunday 13 August, 5:30pm - 7:00pm

wine & nibbles provided

All welcome